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Scalability. We built WireHose for lots of reasons. One of them was the desire to satisfy the crazy, world-dominating drive of overambitious dot-coms. The kind that wanted to do things like deploy hundreds of insanely high-traffic portals in a year. The kind that wanted to provide personalized access to millions of pieces of content to millions of users, across hundreds of affiliate portals, each with its own branding and custom content.

That's why WireHose sports features like micro-fine-tunable caching. And channel factories. And global channels. And automatic subentity creation. And total resource abstraction. And the ability to deploy identical codebases with not-so-identical appearances and behavior.

Of course, not every WireHose application needs all this. But it's nice to know it's there when you do.

WireHose Server 4.0 is now FREE to download and use. Click here to download now!

For more detailed information about WireHose, see the Developer Center.

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