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WireHose Developer Center

Where to start

If you want to find out how easy it is to build applications with WireHose, the best place to start is with the WireHose Developers Guide. It leads you through the process of developing a personalizable news aggregator, and discusses the overall architecture of a WireHose application, key portions of the WireHose API, and the use of WireHose tools. You can also download a printable version.

To get an overall feel for the various parts of the WireHose API, see the Developer Overview, which provides brief descriptions of important WireHose concepts and classes.

Where to go from here

The Java API Reference is the authoritative source for information about WireHose concepts and classes.

See the Properties Reference for details about controlling the runtime behavior of WireHose applications through command-line parameters.

Database Setup describes how to set up WireHose to work with nearly any database.

For details about regular expressions support in WireHose, see the Quick Start and Pattern Reference.

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