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Rapid development. Forget for a moment that WireHose is tightly integrated with Xcode, EOModeler and WebObjects Builder.

Ignore the templates, and don't think about the sample code that gives you complete source to commercial-quality applications.

And forget about the WireHose Developers Guide that walks you step-by-step through building a complete personalizable aggregator in just an afternoon.

True rapid development only comes from a world-class API. An API that encourages code reuse. That fills needs before you even know you have them. That lets you extend WireHose in ways even we never dreamed possible.

Use Direct to Web if you like, or our innovative layout dictionary that gives ordinary web components extraordinary powers. Or use both.

That kind of flexibility means getting the job done on time, under budget, and with more features than anyone expected.

WireHose Server 4.0 is now FREE to download and use. Click here to download now!

For more detailed information about WireHose, see the Developer Center.

Build a world-class portal in an afternoon with the WireHose Developers Guide.

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