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WireHose Server 4.0.2 Update Now Available

A new wirehosebase.jar is available, which replaces the file at /Library/Frameworks/WireHoseBase.framework/Resources/Java.

This update improves memory usage and fixes a deadlocking bug in WHEOCache when snapshot reference counting is enabled. (It's recommended that if you enable snapshot reference counting you should call EOEditingContext.setInstancesRetainRegisteredObjects(true) during application startup.)

This update also introduces a new API for WHEOCache: setCacheExpiresWindow(int seconds). If this value is set, cache entries will timeout based on cacheExpires seconds plus a random number of seconds up to the value of the cacheExpiresWindow. The default value is 0; a reasonable setting to use is 10 percent of the value of cacheExpires.

The WireHose 4.0.2 update requires Java 1.5.

WireHose Server 4.0 Now Free To Download And Use

WireHose Server 4.0 is now free to download and use. The source code for most of the WireHoseLayoutSupport framework is now available as sample code! Check out the release notes for more.

WireHose Server 4.0 Coming Soon

WireHose Server 4.0 has gone through more than 54 beta releases in the past two years, and it's nearly ready to go. This release comes with some great new features, lots of performance enhancements, and a price you'll love.

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