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Personalization. Give each user their own perspective on things. WireHose provides a next-generation portal and personalization API that takes advantage of all the power of EOF business logic to make your code truly reusable.

The dynamic layout support offered by WireHose lets each user have their own personal look and feel, on whatever client device or platform they choose.

Users also get clean, bookmarkable URLs to their personalized pages, without all the /cgi-bin/WebObjects/ stuff. Whether or not they're using cookies.

And our no-coding-required localization makes it so easy to customize applications for multiple languages, you may find yourself booking flights to exotic locales just to see how your code looks in Swahili.

WireHose Server 4.0 is now FREE to download and use. Click here to download now!

For more detailed information about WireHose, see the Developer Center.

Build a world-class portal in an afternoon with the WireHose Developers Guide.

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