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Bulldog Beach is looking for WireHose engineers

Bulldog Beach Interactive is looking for software developers experienced in WebObjects and WireHose. If you've got what it takes, send your resume to Lori Will.


WireHose.com is back

We're pleased to announce that after a brief hiatus, WireHose.com is back online. The WireHose technology has been spun out of Bulldog Beach Interactive, and is now being produced and supported by Gary Teter, former CEO and CTO of Bulldog Beach. Sales inquiries should now be directed to sales@wirehose.com, and technical support is available through support@wirehose.com.

WireHose Server 3.0.1 Released

This release fixes several minor bugs, and is recommended for all WireHose customers. Download it here.

Printable WireHose Developers Guide

Due to popular demand, the WireHose Developers Guide is now available in PDF format, suitable for printing. The manual is available for both Mac OS X and Windows.

WireHose Server 3.0 Released

Bulldog Beach today announced the immediate availability of the latest version of its flagship product, WireHose Server 3.0. "This is software that takes web application development to the next level," said Lori Will, President of Bulldog Beach. "WireHose 3.0 is truly remarkable: A new platform for building web applications that can personalize access to any kind of data. Our smart metadata API is light years ahead of anything offered by Sun, IBM or BEA."

WireHose Server 3.0 introduces support for building applications on the Windows platform in addition to Mac OS X, providing tight integration with Apple's WebObjects development tools. To help developers get up and running even faster, the new release features an extensive WireHose Developers Guide, a step-by-step walkthrough of building a traditional "Hello, World" application with WireHose.

"Usually a 'hello world' application just echoes some text to the screen. Not ours," said Gary Teter, CTO of Bulldog Beach. "WireHose offers so much functionality out of the box that by following the tutorial, developers can build a world-class personalizable RSS aggregator in an afternoon."

The new release also includes many new components, improvements and utilities, as well as the usual array of bug and "undocumented feature" fixes. "Our focus for the 3.0 release was to add some key new features, but also to simplify the product, making it more accessible to more developers," said Ms. Will.

"Sample code has been streamlined and there have been a lot of small improvements that add up to a really great developer experience. We think our customers are going to like the new WireHose even better than they liked the last one," she added.

The product is available for $1,499 from the company's website. Upgrades from WireHose Server 2.0 are priced at $499; customers who purchased WireHose Server 2.0 after June 1, 2003, are entitled to a free upgrade. Customers with current Gold and Platinum-level support subscriptions will receive automatic upgrades.

Partner Program Launched

Bulldog Beach today announced the launch of its new partner program, featuring three of the best WebObjects consulting companies in the world: CodeFab, Global Village, and Übermind. "This is an exciting day for us," said Lori Will, President of Bulldog Beach. "We've got the best technology of its kind, and now we've got the best companies in the business building solutions for our customers."

Bulldog Beach is working closely with its partners, pursuing collaborative lead generation and providing special marketing, training and technical assistance. The company's partners will be leveraging their extensive expertise and experience to build great solutions for their customers based on the WireHose Server 2.0 platform.

WireHose Server 2.0.2 released

See the release notes for what's new. Click here to download it.

New support and training options

Bulldog Beach announced today its new line of support options, which can easily be purchased at the click of a button. "We want our developers to be able to succeed," said Lori Will, President. "And our new Silver, Gold and Platinum support plans do just that. With options ranging from 24-hour email support to phone support, product updates and application design assistance, our customers can choose the support plan that's right for them."

Here's what one engineer had to say about demonstrating an application built after attending Building Applications with WireHose: "The demo went great. The client was dazzled when they saw what we did in 30 days work. This is what kills the competition, and makes us look good, and this is what WireHose is built to do."

The company also announced the introduction of a series of new training courses. The first, "Building Applications with WireHose," is an intensive one-week program aimed at getting developers up to speed building complex applications with WireHose Server 2.0. Topics covered include an in-depth study of the WireHose framework architecture, with emphasis on personalization, content management, and database independence. Attendees will also explore many advanced topics, including personalizing access to legacy data, access control and creating new metadata types for applications such as workflow.

"Getting Started with WireHose" Seminar a great success

Bulldog Beach Interactive is pleased to announce that the company's first free "Getting Started with WireHose" seminar, held on Friday, March 28, 2003, was a great success. A dozen engineers from the northwest and Canada attended to receive in-depth training direct from Gary Teter, CEO of Bulldog Beach Interactive and chief architect of WireHose Server 2.0.

Attendees learned valuable information about the internals of WireHose, including details about its advanced content management, scalability and personalization features. Special emphasis was placed on how WireHose features can be easily added to any datatype with just a few lines of code.

Bulldog Beach will be presenting another free introductory seminar in the near future. Those interested in attending should contact the company at sales@wirehose.com.

Bulldog Beach Releases WireHose 1.0.1

Bulldog Beach Interactive has released a new version of the WireHose frameworks. This release adds support for development and deployment on Windows and other platforms. Version 1.0.1 also includes improvements and bug fixes in exception handling, string localization, SQL generation, custom fetcher factories, resources, navigation and importing. There are of course the usual complement of bug fixes, updates and improvements to documentation and support files.

Bulldog Beach Debuts WireHose 1.0

Bulldog Beach Interactive, Inc. today celebrated its tenth anniversary by announcing the immediate availability of WireHose 1.0, the first release of the Company's breakthrough software for rapidly building dynamic, scalable portals with integrated content management features. Built in pure Java using Apple's powerful WebObjects application development environment, WireHose enables applications that scale from departmental digital asset management to high-volume personalizable internet portals. (more...)

WireHose at QuickTime Live! with Totally Hip

The WireHose portal solution is being demonstrated at the Apple booth during the QuickTime Live! conference this week. We're pleased that Apple Professional Services and long-time QuickTime developers Totally Hip Software are showing TODD (Totally On Demand Delivery), a QuickTime-based media asset access and management tool, integrated with a robust web portal application. TODD enables users to search, receive, build play-lists and view content -- all within the QuickTime player! Powered by WireHose, TODD enables companies who want to share data -- audio, video, graphics or any of the 200+ file formats QuickTime supports -- with an industrial strength infrastructure to handle the heaviest of workloads.

New vice president of sales

We're proud to introduce Bob Evans, our new vice president of sales. Bob's worked in technical and management capacities in the computer industry for the last two decades, including 12 years with Apple Computer. He is an award-winning salesman experienced in executing large-scale hardware, software, and professional services projects for business and education customers. He is the proud father of two, and is a community volunteer working with youth. For more information about our software or services, contact us at sales@wirehose.com.

WireHose beta 06 updated

WireHose beta 06 serial numbers issued before February 1 have expired, so you'll need to get a new one. Go ahead and download beta 06 again, too. We've fixed a couple bugs since it was released.

The final WireHose beta

Here's WireHose Beta 06 for you to try out. This release includes new support for building enterprise portals. It also features improved documentation, bug fixes, and adds support for OpenBase and Oracle in addition to FrontBase. Give it a try, and don't forget the feedback.

The final WireHose beta?

A month to the day after beta 05, here's WireHose Beta 06 for you to try out. This release includes new support for building enterprise portals. It also features improved documentation, bug fixes, and adds support for OpenBase and Oracle in addition to FrontBase. Give it a try, and don't forget the feedback.

New WireHose beta available

Just in time for Thanksgiving (in the U.S., anyway), here's a brand new beta for you to try out. It's much faster, and we're so happy with it, we're thinking of calling this the "next-best-thing-to-final-candidate release".... So why not download it, and give us some feedback?

WireHose demo news portal update

We're getting ready to release a new beta of the WireHose frameworks, and we're really excited about this one. Sure, there's lots of bug fixes, and even a new feature or two. But the real news is that the new version is anywhere from 5x to 25x faster (no kidding!). In honor of the upcoming release, we've finally moved our demonstration news portal to the very latest codebase. Check it out, and of course, please let us know if it breaks.

WireHose for Windows

The day after Apple finally gets WebObjects 5 working with Mac OS X 10.1, we're releasing a brand-new beta of WireHose to go with it. In addition to some bug fixes and new sample code, after a long hiatus, Windows support is finally back! Take a look at the readme, then download it. And as always, we love your feedback.

WireHose demonstration at dBUG

Want to see a hands-on demonstration of WireHose? Sure you do! Come on out to the next meeting of dBUG's WebObjects SIG next Tuesday, October 9, at 7pm, where we'll be showing off the latest builds of WireHose. A great time will be had by all. Here's how to get there.

New WireHose beta available

It's been a very trying week for all of us, but we've found time to release a new version of WireHose. It's got a few bug fixes, but most importantly, we've written a brand-new Getting Started guide that walks you through the basics of setting up WireHose and using it to run a news portal like our WireHose demo. (Though our demo is still running a much older version of WireHose for the time being.) Take a look at the readme, then download it. And as always, we love your feedback.

WireHose for WebObjects 5 now available

Finally a version of WireHose that runs beautifully on a Mac! Head over to the download page to try out the beta. We think you'll be pleased. And be sure to send us lots of feedback so we know what needs fixing.

WireHose for WebObjects 5 coming soon

The readme, database setup instructions and javadoc for the WebObjects 5 version of WireHose are now being automagically updated as part of our build system, and you know what that means.... The final release can't be far behind! Just need to do some nitpicky cleanup and testing, and we'll be ready to go. No, the developer overview hasn't been revised for the new version yet, but it will be soon.

ChangeNotification for WebObjects 5

So we finally got around to porting the WHChangeNotification framework to WebObjects 5. Head on over to the download page and get it while it's hot. We'll be releasing another version soon with some new features like synchronizing objects in shared editing contexts, but we decided to release this one now rather than wait.

Late night crazies: WireHose beta for WO4.5 released

In that grand tradition of caffeine- and exhaustion-fueled decisionmaking so peculiar to programmers, I've decided to release the first WireHose Developer Beta in the middle of the night. It requires WebObjects 4.5.1, Windows NT/2000 and FrontBase. Here's the README. You'll of course need to accept the inevitable license agreement, register for the beta and get a serial number before you download the tarball. Let me know how it turns out. Think it's time to go home, remind my cat who I am, and get some sleep. If everything seems to be going well when I wake up, well, maybe we'll make this an official release. For now, keep it under your hat....

El Presidente Puts Her Foot Down

I have used my dictatorial powers to declare that engineers who do not put up new versions of demos will be shot! Ah yes, that's much better. Now perhaps we can convince that Bad Dog to release the developer beta.... And quit teasing everyone!


We're getting close to releasing the developer beta. Just putting the finishing touches on the installer build process, readme files, setup scripts, etc. By the way, this beta is only for WebObjects 4.5.1 running on Windows NT/2000. Hmmm. Just in time for MacWorld....

The bold new look of wires and hoses

El Presidente had a vision -- I think the words were, "Let's do something with wires and hoses." In other news, I finally got around to adding a method that allows you to reload the layout dictionary during runtime, enabling rapid-turnaround during development. No, I don't know how I got along without it for so long. Yes, I feel dumb for not having done it before.

Updated documents and the upcoming developer beta

I redesigned this page a bit, and added some more to the developer overview. By the way, if you're downloading the entire API to read it offline, be aware that there's a reason we're not offering it as a tarball just yet. For example, none of the QuickTime or Flash components have been updated in awhile, and they're next on my list of things to change for no good reason. Also, the WHRevisable interface may be removed since it's really part of the workflow stuff that's coming later. In other words, reload early and often for the real dirt on the WireHose API.

In other news, we're going to be releasing a limited beta version soon, so email us if you're interested in participating. This will be for the WebObjects 4.5-compatible version of WireHose, and it might be limited to NT installations unless I get a lot of feedback that an OS X Server 1.2 version is wanted at this stage. (Don't worry, the final product will definitely be available for that platform. Solaris? HP/UX? Ummm....) Oh yeah, and since WireHose is written entirely in Java, that means we probably won't be releasing a Mac OS X 10.0 version for 4.5.1 unless I get really crazy and decide to port the whole damn thing to Objective-C (don't tempt me!)

WireHose slips out of stealth mode

Well, it's not quite Independence Day yet, but we couldn't wait. Yes, we've been promising WireHose for quite some time, and you haven't seen anything except our public demo since last July. There are reasons for what took so long, but rather than go into all the details, let's just say we're going to be licensing WireHose directly to WebObjects developers ourselves instead of taking our chances with VC-driven dot coms.

Anyway, we've been working hard over the past couple months to finalize the API and write documentation -- and if you're a developer you know exactly how much fun that is -- and we've finally got enough of it finished that we figured it's OK to inflict on the truly curious out there. Just remember, this stuff comes straight out of our build system, so it's definitely subject to change without reason.

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