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Bulldog Beach Debuts WireHose 1.0

Breakthrough Content Management Portal Solution Released

SEATTLE, Washington -- April 1, 2002 -- Bulldog Beach Interactive, Inc. today celebrated its tenth anniversary by announcing the immediate availability of WireHose 1.0, the first release of the Company's breakthrough software for rapidly building dynamic, scalable portals with integrated content management features. Built in pure Java using Apple's powerful WebObjects application development environment, WireHose enables applications that scale from departmental digital asset management to high-volume personalizable internet portals.

"Our hearty congratulations to all at Bulldog Beach upon the release of WireHose," says Kevin J. Doyle, President of FrontBase, Inc. "WireHose is the real deal, an innovative, disruptive technology and packaging breakthrough in a market of less capable products by much larger companies."

"Since WireHose can unify data and content from nearly any database, and deliver it in a scalable fashion to any device, from web browser to cell phone, it's supremely poised to become a major player in the enterprise portal market," said Bob Evans, vice president of sales at Bulldog Beach Interactive. "With a supremely flexible combination of content management and portal features, WireHose is an exciting solution that can meet the needs of educational institutions and enterprises everywhere."

About WireHose

The WireHose portal solution provides personalized access to any type of information. Developers or integration experts can rapidly develop and deploy a portal that can scale to support everyone from employees to suppliers to customers on the internet. Supporting major standards such as XML and J2EE, WireHose solutions can be deployed in any Java application server, and manage and distribute content no matter what form it's in.

WireHose is database independent, supporting nearly any database with a JDBC driver, including Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, etc. In addition to managing content and information directly, WireHose applications also allow users to retrieve information managed by other applications stored in foreign databases, warehouses, etc. WireHose also understands special media types such as audio and video, in any format such as QuickTime, Windows Media, Real, etc.

Rapid development and deployment: WireHose is built from modular, reusable software frameworks and components, and has a comprehensive API. Developers, integration specialists and partners can easily customize and extend WireHose to support new information types and output devices, including desktop applications. WireHose's superior object-oriented design means that designers can create any look and feel without knowing Java.

Scalable, standards driven: In addition to being deployed in any Java application server, WireHose applications include a built-in WebObjects application server, which provides multiple levels of load balancing. This enables WireHose to scale from departmental use, all the way to enterprise-wide deployments. WireHose solutions feature an intelligent, tunable caching system which avoids unnecessary database load and provides peak performance at all times.

About Bulldog Beach Interactive, Inc.

Bulldog Beach Interactive, Inc. is a privately held software development company located in Seattle, Washington. Founded in 1992, Bulldog Beach began by developing custom solutions for customers, then quickly recognized their ability to develop a world-class product that could meet the needs of numerous customers with a minimum of project specific modifications. WireHose was created as a flexible, scalable portal and content management solution that would serve as a foundation for building projects, and saving substantial time and money for our customers.

Press Contact:
Lori Will, President
Bulldog Beach Interactive, Inc.
(206) 932-8642
email: sales@wirehose.com

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