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WireHose Server 4.0 ReadMe


About WireHose Server 4.0

The WireHose frameworks let WebObjects developers create fast, personalizable web portals that categorize, index and deliver any media type, like video clips, stock quotes or legacy data. WireHose has a simple, flexible API for adding your own portal components and resource types, making it perfect for creating enterprise portals in addition to news sites.

WireHose also has special support for creating and deploying large numbers of re-branded portals sharing some common resources, as for example in an application service provider environment, community publishing, or higher education.

What's new in WireHose Server 4.0

See the Release Notes.

Getting support and providing feedback

Contact us. Your feedback is very important!

System requirements

This release requires the following:
  • WebObjects 5.3
  • Mac OS X for development
  • Any Java 2 platform for deployment
  • Webserver (Apache is required for URL rewriting support)
  • Database server (direct support provided for FrontBase, OpenBase and Oracle; see Database Setup in WireHoseExtras for instructions for using WireHose with other databases)


Download the WireHoseServer4.0.dmg disk image to anywhere on your system, and double-click it to open. Inside you'll find the WireHoseFrameworks.pkg installer, which will guide you through installing the WireHose frameworks onto your system. You'll need an administrator password to run the installer.

Inside the WireHoseServer4.0 disk image you'll also find a folder called "WireHoseExtras", which contains sample files and source code. Drag this folder anywhere you like (such as your home directory).

What gets installed

This version of the WireHose software installs frameworks into your Library folder.



Enterprise object model, business logic and utility classes; required for any WireHose application


Optional access control framework.


WebObjects components, direct actions and session and web application helper classes.


Developer Tools

Channel, resource and project templates you should put into ~/Library/Application Support/Apple/Developer Tools


API documentation, developer overview, database setup, this README, etc.


Sample applications and frameworks.

Where to go from here

See the Getting Started tutorial in WireHoseExtras.
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