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WireHose Developers Guide

WireHose features

Content management

WireHose provides a powerful, flexible foundation for building content management systems. Managed content as well as legacy data sources can be categorized and searched by metadata and keyword indexing. Users can easily browse, search and personalize access to any WireHose resources, regardless of data source or content type. Our advanced design enables creation of intelligent metadata with behaviors beyond simple organization into categories.


WireHose provides everything you need to create high-performance, scalable personalized applications. Developers can build easy, intuitive, interfaces for users to customize the content and resources of a site within roles-based limits set by the site administrator. Visitors access a personal site that's fully customized to their needs, on any kind of output device, including email, cell phones, pagers or web services.

Access control

Developers can easily integrate a WireHose application with existing authentication and authorization systems to control how users are authenticated and what they can view, edit or delete. WireHose also provides a flexible and powerful system for enforcing roles-based access control to metadata, channels and content, as well as a very powerful group and permission templating capability, which is ideal for creating multiple groups and categories with preassigned permissions, as when creating multiple departments, workgroups or classrooms within an organization.

Dynamic layouts

WireHose deployments can support multiple branded affiliates, as in an application service provider environment, or to allow the user to personalize the look of their page in addition to personalizing its content. The user interface abstraction layer lets developers support multiple output formats, such as XML, HDML, SMIL, RSS, RDF, etc., without duplicating important business logic.

Rapid development

The WireHose frameworks allow developers to build content management and portal applications faster, through the use of templates for rapidly building new applications and reusable components, and a next-generation content management portal API. WireHose provides a consistent interface for managing metadata regardless of back-end data source, allowing developers to focus on relevant business logic rather than implementation details.

Database independence

Databases can be switched during development or deployment without rewriting code. Any database row can become an object which can be categorized and fetched by tags and keywords. Any foreign JDBC, LDAP, JNDI source can be custom queried, and take advantage of finely tunable caching to ensure common requests are not fetched more often than necessary.

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