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WireHose Developers Guide

WireHose business logic concepts

Nearly all WebObjects applications revolve around fetching, inserting and modifying data in a database. The enterprise objects frameworks within WebObjects make this possible in a database-independent fashion, allowing you to focus on the business logic within your application rather than the details of a relational database.

Often you will want to be able to organize enterprise objects into categories which users can browse, or search via keywords. This is common in many kinds of applications, including content management, portal, workflow, knowledge management and publishing applications. WireHose was developed specifically to solve these types of problems.

However, once you get a good feeling for what WireHose can do for you, you'll recognize many other scenarios where WireHose can save development time and help create a richer user experience. WireHose provides a powerful toolset which you can use to unify widely varying data such as customer information, email messages or catalog items, in a consistent interface.

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