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WireHose Developers Guide

Tag templates

WHEngageTag provides methods to use templates to create a collection of tags based on the template at an arbitrary place in the tag hierarchy. In its most basic form, creating tags from a template just duplicates the template's descendent tags.

Templates can be built from ordinary tags, but they achieve much of their power when used in conjunction with WHGroupTemplate and WHPermissionTemplate tags.

A group template can have permissions associated with it to control who can view or edit the template. The "assign" permission controls who can instantiate tags using the template.

In addition to having permissions assigned to a group template, you can also assign permission templates. Permission templates are used to create permissions when the group template is instantiated.

Group templates can have descendent group templates, which become descendent groups when instantiated. You can assign permission templates to a descendent group template and have the permissions apply to the descendent group when the parent template is instantiated.

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