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WireHose Developers Guide

Special components

WireHose includes a lot of reusable components. Here are a few of our favorites that weren't used in the Hello World tutorial:

Allows embedding a WHTagDataSource in a web page, through bindings such as optionalTags and keywordString. You can set the optionalTags and requiredTags bindings to an individual tag, arrays of tags, or a string or arrays of strings which will be interpreted as tagpaths.
Renders HTML text, substituting for <WIREHOSE type=FETCHER tag=tagPath fetchlimit=numItemsToDisplay> with the rendered objects matched by the specified tag.
WHMatrixTable displays an array of objects in a multi-column layout. It attempts to be smart about the number of columns and rows it uses to render itself; this behavior is controlled by several optional bindings. If all these are left unbound, WHMatrixTable will set its rows & columns roughly proportional to the "golden ratio".

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