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WireHose Developers Guide

Modeling the data

The key step in developing any application is modeling the data, and WireHose applications are no different. In this section you'll use templates to model RSS feeds and items as enterprise objects which can be categorized by tags and indexed by keywords.

An XML mapping model will be used to extract items from an RSS feed. A list of sample feeds is provided in RSS format, with each item representing a feed.

WireHose provides several utility methods to perform tasks such as fetching XML content from remote URLs, and inserting resources into the database. You'll use these to write a feed crawler, which will fetch feeds, extract items, and insert them into the database.

In its purest form, an RSS feed contains a list of items, each of which has a title, link and optional description. There is often much more information available in the feed, such as the date each item was published, but to keep this application simple, Hello World will only deal with titles, links and descriptions.

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