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WireHose Developers Guide

Making the main page

The first customization you'll make to the Hello World user interface will be to allow users to browse available content from the main page. To do this, you'll embed a WHTagDriller component, similar to how a WHTagDrillerPage does. This tagdriller will be limited to showing only items under the "Content" tag.

  1. Open MainPage.wo in WebObjects Builder.

  2. Delete the innermost WOSwitchComponent.
  3. Choose Custom WebObject from the WebObjects menu.
  4. For "WebObjects class to use:" type WHTagDriller, and click OK.

  5. Set its tagPath to "Content" and showTagPath to false.

  6. Launch the Hello World application if necessary. As long as rapid turnaround is enabled, you won't need to rebuild it to see your changes.
  7. Open this URL in your browser:

    Your browser will be redirected to the MyHomePage direct action, which displays the current WHMainPage component. This entry in the layout dictionary causes your MainPage component to be used instead of the default WHMainPage:

    defaults = {
        wrapper = {            
        pages = {
            WHMainPage = {
                pageName = MainPage; 

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