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WireHose Developers Guide

Generating SQL and Java for items

  1. Switch to RSSItem.eomodeld.
  2. Select the RSSItem, RSSItemKeyword and RSSItemTag entities.
  3. Choose Generate SQL... from the Property menu
  4. Turn on the Create Tables, Primary Key Constraints and Foreign Key Constraints options, and uncheck everything else.
  5. Click Execute SQL.
  6. Close the SQL Generation window.
  7. Select the RSSItem entity
  8. Choose Generate Java Files... from the Property menu.
  9. Click Overwrite.
  10. Open in Project Builder.
  11. Add this line:
    import com.wirehose.base.*;
  12. Change the class declaration to:
    public class RSSItem extends com.wirehose.base.WHConcreteResource

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