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WireHose Developers Guide


About WireHose
Summarizes core WireHose features and architecture.
About Hello World
Describes the application which will be built during this tutorial.
WireHose business logic concepts
Introduces key WireHose concepts such as tags, resources and channels.
Getting started
Covers setting up a new WireHose project and configuring the database.
Modeling the data
Works through modeling syndicated items and feeds as WireHose resources.
Importing feeds
Covers building an importer which will insert feeds into the database.
Crawling feeds
Describes the process of building a crawler which will import items from feeds on a regular basis.
WireHose layout concepts
Describes key WireHose layout components such as pages, wrappers, areas and the layout dictionary.
Customizing the user interface
Utilizes WireHose layout features to control the application's appearance and behavior with minimal code.
Adding personalization
Works through allowing users to sign up for a new account and personalizing their page.
Finishing the user interface
Adding navigation and other niceties to the sample application.
Further exploration
Summarizes several WireHose features which were not covered in this document.


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