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WireHose Developers Guide


Conexiones gives educators the power to open a world of interactive communication, exchanging resources and ideas between students, parents and teachers.

Students learn better when they're engaged with interactive, compelling content that is easy to navigate, and personalized to their learning level and special interests.

Teachers post assignments and classroom resources. Students browse resources, post homework and participate in classroom research. Parents monitor the student/teacher relationship and participate directly in the learning process. Group participation enriches the learning experience for all involved.

Conexiones involves students in an interactive learning community, where they communicate with other students, teachers and parents to help create their own curriculum, based on their specific academic interests, strengths and weaknesses.

Manage any type of content

Educators, parents and students can enhance learning through interactive displays of animation, video and audio. Word processing, spreadsheets and presentations are also easily incorporated.

Full indexing and categorization

Users can easily track down relevant content in any format by keywords and categories, rapidly connecting them with the resources they're looking for.


Users can upload their own content into personal categories such as "My Bookmarks" or "My Pictures", and easily share it with other classroom members or the general public. Everyone has quick access to their own content, classrooms and groups.

Parental access

Parents can easily see how their students are doing, and exchange private feedback with teachers, involving them directly in fulfilling their specific educational needs.

Access control

Access to classrooms, groups and content can be controlled as required, respecting the privacy and special needs of students and staff. Administrators can easily create classrooms with partitioned private and public content, categories and groups.

Flexible classroom and group templates

Teachers can organize the content for their classrooms the way they see fit, and administrators can provide useful defaults. Administrators can define default categories, groups and permissions when creating new classrooms, groups and users. Templates can define any number of sub-categories and groups, and can be easily fine-tuned for individual needs.

Easy to use

Conexiones features an uncluttered interface, simple enough for children and parents to use, yet unleashes the full power of a real content management portal for teachers and administrators.

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