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WireHose Developers Guide

About this document

WireHose Server gives developers the power to create fast, personalizable web applications that categorize, index and deliver any media type, like video clips, stock quotes or legacy data. It features a simple, flexible API for adding new personalizable components and resource types, making it perfect for creating enterprise portals and high-traffic internet sites.

Why read this document

This document teaches you how to build web applications using WireHose by leading you through the process of developing a personalizable news aggregator. It covers the overall architecture of a WireHose application, key portions of the WireHose API, and discusses the use of WireHose tools. It also includes information about advanced WireHose topics.

It is available in two editions, one for developers using Mac OS X, and one for developers using Windows.

What you should already know

You should be familiar with building and running applications with WebObjects.

Refer to these sections

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