Starting something new

I’ve decided to try something new here. Several new things, actually.

I’ll be telling a story that is frankly unbelievable. I don’t expect anybody to buy it, and I have no way to prove that what’s been happening to me is real. But it’s time I tried.

Part of this story begins when I started getting very sick for days at a time, weeks apart. Vomiting, sweating, hypic jerks, no sleep and an average of 10-12 lbs lost over four days. Diagnosis: cyclical vomiting syndrome, which translates to “for some reason, patient gets very sick for days at a time.”

Something happens during those days. Something strange, and frightening. Just how strange, I’m still coming to terms with. I’m not ready to revisit those times just yet, so I’ll start somewhere else and loop back around when it makes sense. Maybe after the next one has left me.

So. Audio equipment—